Can anyone with experience in creating a shopping cart help? I trying to create one using ASP and having lot&#039;sa problems! Here are my tables to start with. Are they okay? I have looked thru many samples but sad to say that i really don&#039;t have a clue on how to start!! Those codes are really confusing... Just a beginner here and i would like to create a really simple shopping cart. Perhaps anyone would be kind enough to explain the logic behind this shopping card thingy so i could understand more..... thanks a bunch!!<BR><BR>My tables:<BR><BR>ApparelDetail<BR>StyleNumber(PK), ID, LocID, Description, Color, Category, Gender, Season, Price, Location, <BR><BR>Detail, Image, Add<BR><BR>ApparelSize<BR>AppID(PK), StyleNumber, LocID, S, M, L, XL, XXL<BR><BR>Members<BR>Username(PK), PersonID, FName, LName, Password, Address, City, Gender, Email<BR><BR>Cart<BR>CardID(PK), Username, OrderID, StyleNumber, SIze, Quantity, Price<BR><BR>Orders<BR>OrderID(PK), Username, Date, CreditType, CreditNumber, CreditExp<BR><BR>