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Thread: Returning data from a stored procedure

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    Brandon West Guest

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    Using the FOR XML functionality in SQL 2000, I'm using a stored procedure that returns an xml stream when run. The problem is I can't seem to find a good way to get the data. I tried opening a recordset calling the stored procedure, and then using rs.GetString to dump the output to the file, but there must be a size limitation on GetString as the end of the file keeps getting truncated. How can I go about extracting this data without having to use a recordset? Or, in simpler terms, how can I call a stored SQL procedure so that I am in control of the data that is returned instead of being forced to conform to a recordset hierarchy?

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    brother love Guest

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    don't know if this is the solution you're looking for, but you could write a function that takes a normal recordset (non-xml data) and loops through it to create some xml in the format you like - you wouldn't have to worry about size limitations that way (within reason)

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