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    This is my original CDONT FORM :<BR> if mailComp = "CDONTS" then<BR> set mailObj = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> mailObj.BodyFormat = 0<BR> mailObj.MailFormat = 0<BR> mailObj.From = trim(Request.Form ("Email"))<BR> mailObj.To = recipients<BR> mailObj.Subject = trim(Request.Form ("Konu"))<BR> mailObj.Body = body<BR> mailObj.Send<BR> Set MailObj = nothing<BR> end if .........goes...<BR><BR>What i&#039;d like to add into the above is:<BR> Select Case "myCheckbox"<BR> Case "1"<BR> body = "Body of email message #1"<BR> Case "2"<BR> body = "Body of email message #2"<BR> Case "3"<BR> body = "Body of email message #3"<BR> Case "4"<BR> body = "Body of email message #4"<BR>The upper one sending feedbacks from user to me.<BR>The second one which i couldnot add into the first one will automatically sends different email msgs to user upon his/her request.<BR>Can i do these actions at one click?<BR>Pls help<BR>Thank you<BR><BR>

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    Just put the case-statement first and send the same email to yourself and the customer. Otherwise just create another cdonts object and send a completely separate email.<BR><BR>Select Case "myCheckbox"<BR>Case "1"<BR>body = "Body of email message #1"<BR>Case "2"<BR>body = "Body of email message #2"<BR>Case "3"<BR>body = "Body of email message #3"<BR>Case "4"<BR>body = "Body of email message #4"<BR><BR>if mailComp = "CDONTS" then<BR>set mailObj = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>mailObj.B odyFormat = 0<BR>mailObj.MailFormat = 0<BR>mailObj.From = trim(Request.Form ("Email"))<BR>mailObj.To = recipients<BR>mailObj.Subject = trim(Request.Form ("Konu"))<BR>mailObj.Body = body<BR>mailObj.Send<BR>Set MailObj = nothing<BR>end if

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