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    I know this question is not relevant to ASP, but I was wondering if someone could help me??? I really have no where else to go with this one.. Is there a function within Oracle Forms that can separate an input string from the form.. (I am looking for one that is similar to the one in Visual Basic, <BR>Left(*stringname*, *length of string desired*)..If anyone could give me some direction it would be much appreciated

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    Default Very few people (if any) use Oracle Forms...

    ...Not being rude but you may want to try posting this on a site specifically related to Oracle Forms.<BR><BR>There&#039;s nothing but a bunch of Microsofties and Java BeanHeads that hang out here.<BR><BR>Tried picking Oracle Forms 4.5 back in &#039;97. That product sucks!

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    Oracle has a fuction substr that would probably serve your purposes.<BR><BR>select substr(&#039;abc123&#039;,1,3) from dual<BR><BR>would return abc

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