I am building a three-tiered application using ASP and COM. <BR><BR>One requirement of this application is to send, in batch, approximately 300 e-mails on a daily basis. Our corporation is using Lotus Notes as it&#039s internal e-mail application. I figure there are three choices.<BR><BR>1. Build a component that will utilize OLE Automation of the Lotus Notes object model<BR>2. Build a component that will use CDONTS, utilizing SMTP, to deliver messages to the central mail server.<BR>3. Third party component that will utilize smtp to deliver messages to the central mail server.<BR><BR>Has oneone provided a review/recommendation of any of these methods? Can anyone provide advantages/disadvantages of each method. Will I be able to provide error handling functionality through CDONTS, or do I need to build code to read log files from mail server? Is OLE Automation a reliable method? Any response would be greatly appreciated!