Hi Everybody,<BR>I have a search page that I am building that I want to have perform a drill down search. I am using Interdev Listbox DTCs connected to a SQL DB. I want the second listbox to populate with the keywords that are linked to the first listbox. It semi-works now, on click of the button it does select a proper keyword, but all of the other irrelevant keywords are still listed. Is there any way to get rid of the full keyword list? I already read the FAQ and my code looks the same.<BR><BR>Sub BtnSort2_onclick()<BR>Recordset3.close() <BR>Recordset3.setSQLText "Select * from AucLots where LotCategory like &#039;%" & Listbox2.getValue() & "%&#039; Order By LotClose"<BR>Recordset3.open()<BR>Recordset5.close ()<BR>Recordset5.setSQLText "Select DISTINCT LotKeyword2 as Expr1 from AucLots where LotCategory = &#039;%" & Listbox2.getValue() & "%&#039;"<BR>Recordset5.open ()<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>The second listbox is databound to the Recordset 5 LotKeyword2 column. It works the same if it is bound to Recordset 3.<BR>Any ideas are appreciated, I tested the code through the query analyzer and it only brought up the keywords that were relevant, where am I going wrong on the page?<BR>Thanks!<BR>Jamie