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    I have 3frames.<BR>When I click on submit button in the first frame I am calling <BR>middle.asp in the 2nd frame. In middle.asp ---I have the following code <BR>to reload the 3rd frame&#039;s totalspage.asp(frame name:tot).<BR><BR>Function loadtotals(){<BR>parent.tot.document.totals.action ="totals.asp"<BR> ="totals";<BR>parent.tot.document.totals.submit(); <BR>}<BR><BR>This function is called in body OnLoad="loadtotals()" in middle.asp<BR><BR>This works fine in IE not working in Netscape.Any ideas..<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Michel

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    try <BR><BR>parent.frames[&#039;tot&#039;].document.forms[&#039;totals&#039;].action<BR><BR>etc... etc...

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