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Thread: ACCESS vs. SQL

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    the other steve Guest

    Default ACCESS vs. SQL

    I am using access and I am considering a move to SQL because everyone is telling me it&#039;s more "scalable".<BR><BR>Well, aside from the obvious cost issue, are there scripting issues? Any white papers out there?

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    Default No, not really.

    ...Some of your more complex Access queries may constitute a syntax change. Other than a connection string change, the rest of your code ought to work just fine.

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    stevew Guest

    Default RE: ACCESS vs. SQL

    I am just moving over after a few months of mysterious crashes in Access as my traffic built. Believe me - there&#039;s nothing worse than your dbase crashing - so upgrade...<BR><BR>There will be a few issues - displaying records is no problem, but inserting, updating and deleting need a bit of sorting (eg cursors are an issue)....<BR><BR>Still go for it!

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