Hi!, <BR><BR>Thanks to Atrax and Scott for helping me get started with my solution but one thing which I find funny is..... <BR>Say...I have a lottery system in which , there are around 75 prizes and the prizes are selected randomly from the record......I have one of the columns as Id the Id column sequentially increases from 1 to 75.So as and when one random number is generated using the &#039;Rnd&#039; function on the records of Id column...after &#039;Randomize&#039; one row is displayed and deleted and the next random number is generated from the remaining records.eg.. after first run the random number is generated from 74 records after second run it is generated from 73 rows and so on... but once it decreases to around 10 or lesser rows it gives sql...error....Why is it so.....? Its same for MS Access too.... <BR>Is it same for all microsoft database products or is there any solution...maybe from ASP...? <BR><BR>Thanks & Regards, <BR>SHILA