I have one table with a field (SiteVisit_Hits Numer(10)) in<BR>Oracle.<BR>The table is having only one row<BR>My SQL Statement is <BR>"Select SITEVISIT_HITS from Configuration_Details"<BR>REcordset is RSConfig<BR>RSConfig.Open SQLString,Conn,1,2<BR>When i tried to update the field as<BR>RSConfig("SITEVISIT_HITS") = RSConfig("SITEVISIT_HITS") + 1<BR>it is giving Type mismatch error<BR><BR>When i print the data type as VarType(RSConfig("SITEVISIT_HITS")), it is<BR>printing 14(VBDecimal).<BR>When i print the value RSConfig("SITEVISIT_HITS") it is printing<BR>0 even though it has the value.<BR>When i tried to update the value after converting it to using<BR>cLng , it is giving the error RSConfig.Update()<BR><BR>Please Help Me<BR><BR>When i print the RS<BR>