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    M. Haluk Orhan Guest

    Default ASP line chart

    Hi,<BR>I searched most of the ASP web sites and ASP related well known Forums and FAQ’s and I did not manage to find any information or samples for drawing a line chart using ASP codes. I succeeded in drawing bar charts without using any component or third party software.But now I am interested in line charts.<BR>So can you please be my guide and tell me if I can draw line chart that takes the data from my Access database without using any 3rd party component.<BR>Very thanks in advance<BR>M. Haluk Orhan

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    Default Take a look at...

    This site may help. It draws line charts client-side but you may be able to adapt it ......

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

    Default RE: ASP line chart

    Hi M...<BR>Found this link to a prog that says it can draw line charts...give it a look/see...<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Jim

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