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    I have encountered a strange problem, my connection string for sql server is as follow: <BR><BR>Driver={SQL Server};Server=abc;uid=user;pwd=upwd;database=abc <BR><BR>if everything in the connection string is correct, then this string works fine, but if I blank out the user id in the connection string, I still can access to the database.... That means I can access the database as long as the user id is blank..

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    Default Good for you.

    Is there a question there somewhere?

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    better to do validation for user id in connection string( its just prevention only). say when the user-id is blank or the user name is wrong one(compare the username with existing users by select---- whre clause. )<BR>if record set is null<BR>response.write " user does not exists"<BR>exit sub<BR>else<BR> YOUR remaining code<BR>end if<BR>this is just a prevention ...not cure

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