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    I have a db with a table for UserInfo and a table for each particular user. All the user tables have the same fields, but different input from the user.<BR><BR>How do I select from *all* user tables if I was coding say an administrator search function which would search for any particular entry through *all* the user tables?<BR><BR>Any help appreciated, or a link to some tutorial would be great.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Scott....

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    Hey there I am not sure I totally follow your question. Could you clarify a little more. I mean of course you could run Select(*) from tblUsers etc. Not sure what your trying to do.

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    Default WHY??????

    Is there any particular reason, you have different users in different tables and does this mean that as and when the number of user increases, your tables will increase in number too? why not keep all the users in the same "USER" table especially when all the users have common fields. then the search would also become easier, otherwise you will need to include all the tables in your sql query to get the data, as an Admin. In my opinion, not a good idea.

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