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    I am having a problem with date formats in SQL Server and ASP<BR>The ASP is the Local format, which is mm/dd/yy<BR>The SQL &#039Date&#039 type is in the format of dd/mm/yy<BR><BR>Using SQL:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE Orders.OrderDate = &#039Date()&#039<BR><BR>I have tried changing the local format to mm/dd/yy but I need the ASP date to be in the format mm/dd/yy.<BR>Is there anyway of changing the format of the SQL date variable, before I empty the waste paper bin on my head.

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    cool name for a thread :o)<BR><BR>i usually (being from the UK) use the FormatDateTime function to convert dates to Long Format before I use them, so there&#039s no cunfusion.<BR><BR>therefore:<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE Orders.OrderDate = #" & FormatDateTime(Date(), vbLongDate) & "#"<BR>

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