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    2 quick questions that I can&#039;t find on any of the faqs or tutorials I&#039;ve been too.<BR><BR>1) In a popup alert, is there any way to change the font?<BR>2) In a popup alert, is tehre any way to display an image?<BR><BR>If these are possible, how can they be done?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR><BR>Mat

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    Default No and no...but

    you can always perform a window.open and create your own HTML window. Of course, then you can make it look anyway you see fit.

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    there are more options for a VBScript msgbox, but that&#039;s not cross-platform and you still can&#039;t change the font.<BR><BR>the pop-up window is a good option but it&#039;s not very quick to respond in comparison to an alert()<BR><BR>j

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