Hey,<BR><BR>I have two arrays Ive created like so:<BR><BR>vRoomQuantity = request.form("RoomQuantity")<BR><BR>dim vCheckInArray()<BR>dim vCheckOutArray()<BR>redim preserve vCheckInArray(vRoomQuantity-1)<BR>redim preserve vCheckOutArray(vRoomQuantity-1)<BR><BR>for i = 0 to vRoomQuantity - 1<BR>vCheckInArray(i) = request.form("CheckInDate" & i+1)<BR>vCheckOutArray(i) = request.form("CheckOutDate" & i+1)<BR>next<BR><BR>Now, vRoomQuantity will be a relatively small number (10-30). I need to know these things before i start opening my recordset.<BR>1) The range of dates (lowest and highest)<BR>2) The count of each date.<BR><BR>I just read the FAQ on sorting an array, and that was helpful. But, how can I figure out how many of each date are in the array?<BR><BR>Thanks