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    I&#039;m loading translation table into Dictionary object. The translation contains key and translation for that key(The translation table is very small(50 words)).<BR><BR>Instead of needing to load the table every time user access the page I want to load the Dictionary object into memory like the Application object, but that should not be done according to Microsoft(threading issue), so what should I do. <BR><BR>I don&#039;t whant to do <BR>Applcation("key1") = translation1<BR>Applcation("key2") = translation2<BR>Applcation("key3") = translation3<BR>.....<BR><BR>I would like to load one object into the Application object and access the translation through that object.<BR><BR>Is there something other then the Dictionary object that I could use?

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    you could use an application scope array.

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    How does the application scope array work??

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    are you talking about something like this?<BR><BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;Dim trans()<BR>nbsp;&nbsp;Redim trans(16)<BR><BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;trans(1) = "Save"<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;trans(2) = "Close"<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;trans(3) = "Open"<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;trans(4) = "Quit"<BR>nbsp;&nbsp;.....<BR>nbsp;&nbsp;Applicati on("trans") = trans<BR><BR>I can&#039;t do it like that because I need to have a key in the array, not just a number.<BR>Like this<BR>nbsp;&nbsp;trans("save") = "Save"<BR>nbsp;&nbsp;trans("open") = "Open"<BR>nbsp;&nbsp;trans("quit") = "Quit"<BR><BR>Application("trans") = trans<BR><BR>so I can call trans("save") and it will return me "Save" or some other version for that keyword in another language<BR>

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