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    Hi, I am simply trying to take a set of fields from one database in microsoft access 2000 and paste them into another with exactly the same fields. The code used is :<BR><BR>objRep.AddNew<BR>objRep("ID") = itemno<BR>objRep("Auction_ID")=objRS("Auction_ID") <BR>objRep("Auction_Category")=objRS("Auction_Cate gory")<BR>objRep("Auction_Item")=objRS("Auction_It em")<BR>objRep("Auction_Description")=objRS("Aucti on_Description")<BR>objRep("Picture")=objRS("Pictu re")<BR>objRep("Price")=Request("price" & itemno)<BR>objRep.Update<BR>objRep.MoveNext<BR><BR >However this only works if I take out the auctionworld_decription field line (which use memo fields in MA2000). The error message is: "ADODB.Recordset error &#039;800a0cc1&#039; <BR>Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. " <BR>I am 100% sure the field types and names are identical. What else could it be? Please help. Thanks

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    The error message you are getting clearly indicates that you are referencing a field that does not exist in the source table - very likey a misspelling error on your part. That message cannot and does not mean anything else. HTH

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    Default Ehh...Not necessarily.

    It could mean a couple of things. One, is if he is explictly calling the fields form the first table in a SQL statement, that field could have been left off.

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