How do I check # of hits to my site

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Thread: How do I check # of hits to my site

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    Default How do I check # of hits to my site

    Hi <BR><BR>I was interested in knowing to check the number of hits to my site, and then have this statistics in a graph display. <BR><BR>Is it possible...I am sure its <BR><BR>Any suggestions.. <BR><BR>Thanks anyway.... <BR>

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    Default Buy Webtrends <eop>


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    Default CHECK THIS OUT! It's free!

    As far as statistical information goes, get your logs available for you to analysis. You can, then, run them through a log analysis program such as Webtrends to generate traffic stats and charts. BUT one software that I recommend (which is also availble for download for free) is OpenWebscope available at This program generates reports that<BR>are the same calibre as the more expensive Webtrends. <BR>Good Luck!

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