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    The problem below was asked a while back but wasnt answered. Im having the same problem now : <BR><BR><BR>Im having trouble with my guestbook page. I used the insert into method and everything seems to be working except that everytime people would view the results page or refreshes the page the record duplicates. How can I get that to stop. <BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> <BR>

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    a couple of things to look at<BR><BR>Have you clear out your SQL statement.<BR><BR>lsSql = ""<BR>lsSql = lsSql &"STATEMENT IN HERE"<BR>Set lRecordSet = Db.Execute(lsSql) <BR><BR>have you close off recordset and set the recordset to nothing.<BR><BR>recordset.close<BR>db.close<BR>Rec ordset = nothing<BR>db = nothing

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