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    Hi, I have written a search engine and it is fully working. Exept I would like to had a new feature and I really don't know how to do it. For example, I would add a new Table Column named "Value" in the database and the values would be from 0 to 20. 20 means more important than 0. So I would like the search results to start from the highest value, so 20 and ending with the lowest ones, so 0. Note: the values could be any number between 0 to 20. Each links will have a different value, or almost. How can I do it in ASP? Millions of thanks.

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    I&#039;m not sure if you mean this<BR><BR>searchstr=request.form("search")<BR>"S elect * from sometable where col1 like &#039;"+searchstr+"&#039; or col2 like &#039;"+searchstr+"&#039; DESC"

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    Martin Guest

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    Well, I don&#039;t really mean this :(<BR>After the script searched the results, I would like it to place them by decending order. And to place them in order, I would add a table named "Value" or "Number" or "Whatever" for the script to recognize which result is more important than the other. For exemple, I would place 20 to the most important results and 0 to the less important. But the values aren&#039;t just 20 and 0. It could be 4.45 - 12.67 or whatever. I just want the search script to show the biggest values first(most important listings) and the lowest values(the less important results)... Hope the explaination was better! Thanks a lot!

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