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    Hola,<BR><BR>I am having problems sending mail from my brothers server. The applicationv seems to execute fine, no errors nothing! But the mailed message never gets to me! My brother insists that it is an authntication issue. How do I authenticate thru code? Is there a login and password property to cdonts?<BR><BR>Gracias Usted,<BR>Robert James Patterson<BR>

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    check on the machine&#039;s mail the queue folder. weather the mail is still there....if yes...<BR><BR>Just restart the SMTP Services......<BR><BR>This should make it..I gues...I did when I went through the same kind....

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    One problem I had originally was that if I tried to send from an outside domain ( to another outside domain (, the server prevented the email from going. The solution that I implemented was to have the from be set to and the to go to the target and the originator (so that the target would hopefully realize that the originator, and not, had sent the message). Good luck.

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