How do I check no of hits to my site

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Thread: How do I check no of hits to my site

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    Default How do I check no of hits to my site

    Hi <BR><BR>I was interested in knowing to check the number of hits to my site, and then have this statistics in a graph display.<BR><BR>Is it possible...I am sure its<BR><BR>Any suggestions..<BR><BR>Thanks anyway....

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    Default well...

    There are a number of ways, the *best* solution would be to purchase a tracking software that looks at your logfiles... Or you could make a generic counter, or you can just look at the logfiles yourself...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default Log files

    Can you explain a bit more on that please....<BR>

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    Default Really the best way.....

    Like Wholsea said....Would be to purchase a software package (Webtrends is the best) that will parse the log files that are generated by IIS every time a page is served up. You can get all kinds of neat graphical representations of what your traffic is doing.

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