Hi<BR><BR>I have two dynamic list boxes with the 2nd one changing when you pick an item from the left. The situation is ideal for two database tables with a one to many relationships but I have two tables with a many to many relationships. I have therefore included a third central table with the id keys from both. What I cant figure out is how to construct the sql statement with an inner join to still have the right change when the left is selected. Currently I get the records repeating once. ANy thoughts is an inner join the right way to go<BR><BR>My sql is this<BR>Set rsx = Conn.Execute("SELECT DISTINCTROW Practice_Staff.Name, Services.Service_Name, Services.Service_Description, Service_Staff.Service_ID, Service_Staff.Staff_ID FROM Practice_Staff INNER JOIN (Services INNER JOIN Service_Staff ON Services.Service_ID = Service_Staff.Service_ID) ON Practice_Staff.Staff_ID =Service_Staff.Staff_ID") <BR><BR><BR>james