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    Hey guys, I was wondering how to select single values from multiple strings (did I phrase that right)? Anyways, I&#039;m doing a test website for a store, and Im trying to categorize glasses by Model... <BR><BR>On the Add product page, I have a drop down (this is what I can&#039;t figure out) with Bolle "Tennis" and "Street Metals" product models, but I also have a text field called "Other" where he could enter a new value (if he were to recieve a new model of the product).<BR><BR>If he were to enter a new value for the model, I would want it to appear within the drop down, but if he were to have 14 products entered with the same model, I wouldn&#039;t want 14 "TENNIS" entries in the drop down... <BR><BR>Im sorta new to ASP so Im still trying to fumble around these forms here (thanks a bunch Bill!)... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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    Default Pull from a database.

    Pull your data for the drop down from the database...<BR><BR>But you also have to put in some checks to make sure that you do not insert a value into the database that already exists. You can check to see by using a like command.<BR><BR>Read up on your SQL queries using the like command, as well as dynamic form content.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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