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    Previously I have always used Session variables to follow a user through a site. I have read many articles saying that these are either good or bad, but for the scale of our site they are good. However I realize that if the user has cookies disabled Session variables will not work from page to page. Now I am starting a new project to create a small web site for a company. This site will not have more than 1000 hits per day in the forseable future and it will only be run on 1 server. The database server and the web server are the same machine. <BR><BR>All that said, I want to track user sessions through an access database. The only way I can think of to do this is to pass the sessionid as a querystring on everypage and pull any info I need out of the database. Is there a better way to do this?

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    Sessions are not the way I would do this. I would database the information from page to page. You have options here but when you start passing variables from page to page you stand to lose them. And sessions may have issues of resetting and the like.<BR>Plus the waste of resources.<BR><BR>Then again I normally use SQL which is faster and more reliable.<BR><BR>My .02<BR><BR>Rob

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