Hello everyone...<BR>I am having a little trouble trying to get a setup going on my tiny network. I host some sites locally on a server(mainly for backup and faster updates to the live server). I have been having lots of trouble since I upgraded to FrontPage Server Extensions 2002. Before this I had all of the webs on the box as subwebs under the "Default Web Site". This was working fine but FPSE 2002 screwed it up. What I am attempting to do is set up my server to use host headers locally so I can browse to (and in FrontPage type) http://sitename to open the site. I have figured it out as far as editing the HOSTS file but thats a pain beacuse I have to alter it both on the server as well as my desktop for it to work. I know DNS can do this...but I don&#039;t know how. In an article on this site dealing with host headers(http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/080200-1.shtml) the last line says "although in order for you to run this ... you must have some kind of DNS system up and running although you do not need a real (internet registered) domain name."<BR><BR>I want to set up a local DNS server, but I am not finding any documentation on how to do this. (My server is running Win2000 Advanced Server, and I have already installed the the dns client). If anyone can point me in the direction of some documentation on this (or wants to help me) please post back or e-mail justin@jroointeractive.com.<BR>