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    Jason Guest

    Default Printing HTML pages with background color

    Hello,<BR><BR>How come when I try and print my html table with background colors, (specified using style sheets), they display in color on the screen but do not print out in "color" on the printer.<BR><BR>I am using a grey backgound hoping it would print out in gray on my laser printer - but I get nothing.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Sreedharan Guest

    Default Change your printer setting...

    You have to be sure that your printer setting is set to "Print background color". This will be different for different printers. By extension, you cannot control it for your users, it depends upon the printer setting of each computer.

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    In IE 5:<BR>Tools -&#062; Internet Options -&#062; Advanced -&#062; printing<BR><BR>make sure the checkbox is checked.<BR><BR>Bart.

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