Zebras do not have Weirdonoligies

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Thread: Zebras do not have Weirdonoligies

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    Wilbert Junder Guest

    Default Zebras do not have Weirdonoligies

    If three zebras forget the thirds name, only four turkeys are inside the <BR>popcorn "machine", with two left over. The strange thing about this is, <BR>when you factor in the megatronic constant, you are left with nothing <BR>but infinity minus one (plus three). The zebras are seemingly unaffected <BR>by this "torsion-turkey-neck" tautology. Therefore, we can conclude that <BR>zebras do not have "wierdonologies". <BR><BR>If the same "logic" were applied to chickens in hot air balloons, the <BR>answer is chicken biryani. <BR><BR>MORAL: Don&#039;t count your chickens in hot air balloons.<BR><BR><BR>

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    count basie Guest

    Default what the - ?


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    Default eh?

    I totally understand.....

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    Don Gat Guest

    Default Speed * (Alcohol / Pot) + (Crack * Heroin) = Weird


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    count basie Guest

    Default hey!

    where you been all day monkey boy?

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