I wanted to download a web page and save it to a file. It was simple: I used XMLHTTP and FileSystemObject.<BR><BR>Yesterday, an non-ASCII character appeared on the page I was downloading, and everything stopped working. On the file.Write(xml.responseText) line, I received a "Server.CreateObject Failed / The operation completed successfully" message. Strange.<BR><BR>I can fix the problem by saving the file as unicode. Problem is, when I read the file back in, I can&#039;t manipulate it using the regular string functions, such as InStr.<BR><BR>Is there any way for me to either:<BR>- Save it as a regular ascii text file? (Perhaps by stripping the offending character before saving the file?)<BR>- Read the file back in as a regular text file, so I can manipulate it?<BR><BR>The web page in question is http://weather.ec.gc.ca/forecast/yow.html. The offending character is the … character.<BR><BR>I can&#039;t get rid of the character using Replace(). I want to be able to defend against any other non-ascii character that might appear in the future.