advice needed re persisting session info

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Thread: advice needed re persisting session info

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    Am developing on a website that is hosted across a three server production cluster. We need to maintain session info but the load balancing will sometimes switch the user to a new server so this discounts session variables and cookies (unless I am mistaken).<BR><BR>Anybody have any advice or direction on the best way of maintaining session info in this environment???<BR><BR>Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Default cookies...

    ...really should do the trick<BR><BR>unless the MONK is mistaken<BR><BR>dig it

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    yup.. cookies should do the trick. Depending on what you&#039;re using to cluster you can also specify that once a client hits a particular box they stay on that server for the duration of their &#039;conversation&#039;. This works with microsoft network load balancing but i don&#039;t think it works with microsoft cluster service.

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