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    PGG Guest

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    Is there a way clever users can view my ASP source code? I want to know, so I could put measures in place to prevent them.

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    prakash Guest

    Default Well I dont think so.....but...

    Well I dont think so....thats the reason I prefer all the include file in ASP rather than inc.....<BR><BR>so that the source is avoided...<BR><BR>Well dont bet on me.....I aint no genius.....there are a lot of around...this is my view

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    There were a few holes in IIS and if you have all the patches installed there is no problem....well that is what MS says atleast.<BR><BR>

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    Jannet Guest

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    Well since ASP is a server-based coding there is no way somebody could see your code unlike HTML. If people want to "Hack" your page they might do so. Even Microsoft & Yahoo are not Untouchable for professional hackers.

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Sometime PWS is showing source code by just typing the url then .<BR>ie., yourpage.asp.

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