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    I have used the getrows method to feed the contents of a recordset into an array, that worked fine.<BR><BR>Now I need to assign the values to variables, and I keep getting a type mismatch error.<BR><BR>Any ideas, here is the code<BR><BR>I get the Type Mismatch error on the line with<BR>Production(iColLoop,iRowLoop) = <BR><BR><BR>Dim ProductionValues<BR>ProductionValues = ProdRS.GetRows()<BR><BR><BR>Dim iRowLoop, iColLoop<BR>For iRowLoop = 0 to UBound(ProductionValues, 2)<BR> For iColLoop = 0 to UBound(ProductionValues, 1)<BR> Response.Write(ProductionValues(iColLoop, iRowLoop) & "<BR>")<BR> Production(iColLoop,iRowLoop) = ProductionValues(iColLoop, iRowLoop)<BR> NewCalCom(iColLoop,iRowLoop) = Production(iColLoop) * .45 - 10333.33<BR> Response.Write "Production: " & Production(iColLoop, iRowLoop) & "&#060;p&#062;"<BR> Response.Write "NewCalCom: " &NewCalCom(iColLoop,iRowLoop) & "&#060;p&#062;"<BR> Next &#039;iColLoop<BR><BR> Response.Write("&#060;p&#062;")<BR>Next &#039;iRowLoop<BR><BR><BR>thanks, <BR>mj

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    Default debug..

    Production(iColLoop,iRowLoop) = ProductionValues(iColLoop, iRowLoop)<BR>Response.Write(Production(iColLoop,iR owLoop)) & "&ltbr&gt"<BR>&#039;just to see if loop will work for the first time<BR>Response.End<BR>...

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