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    I have to write a search page which searches by name, phone, dept etc. Since I am relatively new to ASPs, I was hoping someone could direct me to some sample code on the Web or in a book which I can use as reference.<BR>Regards,<BR>

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    If it is a book you are looking for try Wrox&#039s Professional Active Server Pages 2.0. It is the BIBLE for ASP developers. <BR><BR>Try this website: http://www.learnasp.com/learn/<BR><BR>Also there is a pretty good index of ASP related material at www.aspin.com<BR><BR>brad

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    I am trying to write an article for 15seconds.com on a design pattern to do just this. I should have it written in a couple of weeks and would appreciate it if you would take a look and tell me what you think. The design pattern:<BR>1) Consists of 3 small ASP pages<BR> list.asp which does the search and shows the results on the same pages<BR> details.asp which shows all the information about one record with the ability to update or add a new record<BR> update.asp which does the update or insert to the database and then redirects back to list.asp<BR><BR>The details page shows in a new browser window giving the "look and feel" of a dialog box.<BR><BR>My email address is SamOtto@OvertureGroup.com

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