Where can I get help setting up a DNS?

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Thread: Where can I get help setting up a DNS?

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    Default Where can I get help setting up a DNS?

    I just installed 2000 Advanced Server and want to use host header names to host multiple websites on one IP. Can anyone help?

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    Open up Internet Services Manager from your Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Internet Services Manager.<BR><BR>When you configure the box to host multiple sites, every site defined must have a specified host header.<BR><BR>Right click on the appropriate website and click properties. The "Web Site" tab should already be selected, click the "Advanced" button. <BR><BR>You&#039;ll see two boxes for Multiple Identities. Use the appropriate one (SSL uses second) and do your add/modify/delete to get your website configured.<BR><BR>I usually edit the default one that shows up to read: Ip Address: All Unassigned (or a specific one) / TCP Port: 80 / Host Header Name: www.myhostheader.com<BR><BR>Make additional entries for variations of your website. (IE myhostheader.com). <BR><BR>Most of the IIS MCSE books have screenshots and such on doing this.<BR>

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