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    Hello all,<BR>I am looking for advice on how to make SQL Server suck data out of an access database.<BR>I am new to using SQL Server, and am a little lost as to how to go about this. I have read through some SQL books & Tsql stuff, but this thing I am trying to do I cannot find.<BR>This is what Iam trying to do.<BR><BR>I have an access database(2000), that is on the server, I want sql server to look at the database once a day, and see if the database has been modified. If so It then sucks the data out of several tables, using the criteria, of date()-1 to load only the info for the previous day.<BR><BR>What i am struggling with is how to I get the go about this ! I have messed around with DTS wizard, but this doesn&#039;t have the options that I want, and I have tried writing the SQL query in the query Anyalizer, but I cannot get it to connect to access.<BR><BR>I would appricate any help it how to connect to an Access Db through SQL, as the other bits can fall into place, once I have a connection there.<BR><BR>Thanksyou for any help or articles you can point me to.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Paul M<BR>

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    You need to export access db to sql server and then use dts.<BR>To export you can use access import,export or sql server dts,read also about job, other wizards in sql server..

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