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    Hi and thanks<BR>I have a mailing list with 4500 addresses. Its all set up with CDONTS and works OK here localy. Now its time to test it. I dont want to attempt to send 4500 Emails and find it times out or something, and I dont know who got what and then bug them all with each new attempt. I tried it live with 20 Emails and no problems. The default Response.Timeout is 20 minutes. Its easy enough to up that, but am I overworking CDONTS?. Is there a better way to do this. The host has a mailserver (for a price) but the way I&#039;ve got the CDONTs set up is easy for the sites owners to use. Am I on the right track here? <BR>Thanks<BR>Zeg

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    I don&#039;t know if you will hit problems with that many e-mails but another approach is to use a component...<BR><BR>There is a component called Qmail which allows you add mail into a Queue while an NT Service works through the queue in the background:<BR><BR><BR>

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