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    I need a way to access Access databases, including reading from to make a table, and writing/updating from forms. But I can&#039;t use ASP for many reasons. One of them being server incompatability. The intranet site I am designing will be moved from Unix servers to Windows 2000 servers to Oracle servers... etc. So I need something scriptwise that is supported by all servers... Something like Javascript or JSP etc...But I do need some really nice formwork too, and I know java can do that. But do things like JSP and JAva have DB support?<BR>But at the same time, I could really care less about browser compatability, the only thing the site will be viewed from is IE5. Though there are a few techies that may want to look with browsers made for unix and I have no clue which ones...<BR>I would also appreciate a decent resource of some sort whatever option you guys think is best.

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    you&#039;re a bit stuffed as far as access databases go. the only thing you&#039;re going to get to go across multiple platforms is something like :<BR><BR>PHP/mySQL<BR>JSP/PostgreSQL<BR>JSP/Oracle<BR>and combinations thereof. basically, MSAccess can&#039;t be used under Linux/unix, at all.<BR><BR>j

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    The databases I want to access in Access are on different servers than where the site will be. Does that change things at all? or only complicate things?(and I know there is no version of Access of linux/unix) I only need the server to accept the fact that it is accessing something from a non unix server(provided the one of the servers I get placed on is unix, there is still no certainty to what it will be placed on)<BR>But I did catch the recommendation for JSP, is that what you would really recommend? if so can you recommend a good online reference or book, or tutorial for JSP?

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