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    I am using client/server program in VB(DLL). Inside the DLL I am using winsock control to connect the computers. This component is working fine in ASP. <BR><BR>Now I have a client using java(The mechine is Win NT 4). Is it possible to call this same component in SUN Java?. If possible, how do I do that?<BR><BR>My ASP code is like this:-<BR>set myobj = server.Createobject("Remote.Object")<BR>myobj.Remo teHost = <BR>myobj.port = 80<BR>retValue = myobj.Connect(param1, param2, param3, param4)<BR>response.write retValue <BR>set myobj = nothing<BR><BR>I want the same fuctionality in java. Is there any article to explain this? Or please give me a solution<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>D.<BR>

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    Deema Guest

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    I have the same requirements, calling COM DLL from within Java, I have researched alot and no luck !!

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    Can you tell my how you created the Remote.Object dll? I am having problems using Winsock in my ASP pages. At the point the SendData-method is used, the following errors shows up:<BR><BR>"Winsock (0x800A9C46) <BR>Wrong protocol or connection state for the requested transaction or request." <BR><BR>What type of ActiveX did you create in VB? How do you call the Winsock component?

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