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    Does anyone know how to enable and disable text boxes in an ASP depending on what a user enters into a field?<BR><BR>I want a text box to become enabled if they select a certain value out of a drop-down box, but cannot figure out how to gray out the text box, or make it impossible to enter a value into it unless that condition is met.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Adam

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    Basically, you will need to use the time told method of If...Then...Else...<BR>If a condition is met, then they can enter into the box. Else, I wouldn&#039t even let them know that the box exists.<BR><BR>I know its a pain, but it works. <BR><BR>

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    you can use READONLY in the textbox with If then Else. So that the user can enter value when condition is true or its only readonly conditon is false.<BR><BR>

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