I have finshed my email portion of my project. Now I am not sure how to go about adding an addition to my sendmail.asp. What it currently does is send out 2 emails; a confirmation to the user and the other goes to another person with the form results and the name of the user that sent it.<BR><BR>I would like the email to pull all of the user&#039;s (employee)information so that accompanies the results. How do I get it to pull this information from the database? I already have the e-mail showing the name of the user. I just need it to go one step further and look at the database according to the user and include their information.<BR><BR>I know that I would need to make a connection Access and do a response.write to the body of the email, but where would I place this in my page and where should I make the connection to Access to pull this information?<BR><BR>Let me know if I am not clear in what I am seeking.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance!