I am to begin developing an online mortgage application.<BR>This will allow users to find a mortgage that best suits their needs and then lets them apply online. As can be imagined this will be a complex application. The client will not allow access to their internal network, so they will print the data for each application and re-enter it into their internal system.<BR>For a similar project I used SQL Server 7 and ASP, relying heavily on stored procedures.<BR>I am contemplating moving up to SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition to develop in, and SQL Server 2000 as my Web host. <BR>Any advice or comments on any of the following questions would be greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>Will a move to SQL 2000 have any benefit to the mortgage application I am developing? <BR>Will SQL 2000’s XML capabilities be of any use to the project? <BR>If so, how?<BR>If so what is the best book to learn about it?<BR>Who provides the best SQL 2000 web hosting?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Danny<BR>