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Thread: IIS Authentication on multiple servers

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    John Bertrum Guest

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    I have two servers running in two domains. To control the users who have access to my site, I use server authentication. However, there are several links between the two servers which cause the users to have to log in a second time. I am hoping there is a way to pass-thru and set up some sort of trust relationship between the two web servers so that my users don&#039;t have to log in twice.<BR><BR>The format for the logins are identical: &#060;DOMAIN&#062;&#060;USERNAME&#062; and then a password. The logins are identical for both servers, simply being checked against the network password list (done by iis). Is there some way to set up a trust relationship or something so that once someone has logged into the one server, they have access to both without having to log in again?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>John

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