IIS set up wrong...HELP!!!!!!!

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Thread: IIS set up wrong...HELP!!!!!!!

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    CheekyD Guest

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    okay i have been having a problem for almost a week and i have been searching for an answer. I have created some .htm pages along with .asp pages. the .htm pages work correctly and what i have seen (well only once) that the .asp looks fine, but i have only been able to view it once since i have created it. i have been asking questions (yes i have my asp pages in my wwwroot folder under a folder with my name in which i am calling from)and pretty much everyone has told me that my iis server is set up wrong. well my question is how do i fix it? i have windows nt 4.0, iis 3.0 and www services running so i do not understand why the stinking page won&#039;t work. i need help because a deadline is coming fast and don&#039;t know what to do at this point. i recieve when i pull up the page that "this page cannot be viewed" blah blah blah. i have tried calling it from my computer name, ip, etc.. and still nothing works, i guess this is my only option left open. <BR><BR>thanks for your help in advance. i greatly appreciate it.<BR><BR>dana

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    Admin Guest

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    Rammurthy Guest

    Default RE: IIS set up wrong...HELP!!!!!!!

    hi,<BR><BR>not clear.<BR><BR>Check the "script execution property" in IIS.<BR><BR>let me know if you still have problem<BR>mail me at rammurthy@indiainfo.com<BR><BR>bye<BR>Rammurthy.

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