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    Hey guys<BR>I want to know how u guys document your work. I need to make technical notes of my work but i dont know where to start. <BR>Help!!!!<BR>Tell me of any site which can help me<BR>Thanx

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    Here&#039;s an example of a LITTLE something I did the other night:<BR><BR>o FYI there are some "included" files:<BR> adovbsabbr.asp - A shortened version of for the following ADO constants:<BR> Const adOpenForwardOnly = 0<BR> Const adOpenKeyset = 1<BR> Const adOpenDynamic = 2<BR> Const adOpenStatic = 3<BR> Const adLockReadOnly = 1<BR> Const adLockPessimistic = 2<BR> Const adLockOptimistic = 3<BR> Const adLockBatchOptimistic = 4<BR> const.asp - The following constants:<BR> Const BLACK_IMAGE = "black-1x1.gif"<BR> Const SPACE_IMAGE = "space.gif"<BR> Const COLOR_ROW_HEADER = "#DDDDDD" &#039; Light gray.<BR> Const COLOR_ROW_1 = "#FFFFFF" &#039; White.<BR> Const COLOR_ROW_2 = "#EEEEEE" &#039; Very light gray.<BR> Const WIDTH_LANDSCAPE = 855 &#039; Assumes .7 margins.<BR>conn.asp - The following connection functions:<BR> CloseConn()<BR> CloseRS()<BR> OpenConn()<BR> OpenRS()<BR>jpsutilityabbr.asp - A shortened list of my utility library functions:<BR> jpsvbFixHTMLInclSpace()<BR> jpsvbFormat()<BR> jpsvbNullToBlank()<BR> jpsvbNullToZero()<BR>misc.asp - Some more functions:<BR> ColorRowChangeIt()<BR> LineDoubleIt()<BR> LineIt()<BR> SpaceIt()<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR><BR> - Web Database Developer<BR><BR><BR>

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