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    Hi<BR><BR>I am creating some forum software for a web-site, all&#039;s gone quite well so far apart for one little problem. It is a VBScript ASP running with an Access database.<BR><BR>Whenever a post is &#039;posted&#039; into a thread, all return spaces that are in the post are stripped out. I have determined that the return characters are being passed as %0D%0A and I have tried to place them with <BR> characters using the command:<BR><BR>PostData = Replace(Request.Form("PostData"), "%0D%0A", "&lt;BR&gt;")<BR><BR>But this seems to have no effect at all, and the returns are still being taken off. I have tried using both post and get methods for the form but that makes no difference either.<BR><BR>Also, does anyone know how to get round the maximum 255char length that Access imposes on a text field, other than splitting the message into several parts.<BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR>Duncan Watts

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    Default Try using memo fields.

    To get passed the 255 char. limit.<BR><BR>And try this.<BR>PostData = Replace(Request.Form("PostData"), vbCrLf, "&LT;BR&#062;")<BR><BR>

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    Thanks for that, it&#039;s working beautifully now :¬}<BR><BR>I know where to come next time i have a problem... instead of arsing about for an hour trying to work out what&#039;s wrong, just get an instantaneous answer... Thanks<BR><BR>Duncan

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