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    hey guys/gals,<BR> I m working as intern in a company and needed to solve this problem . its driving me nuts. any help is appericaited :)<BR>here&#039;s the question.<BR><BR>please reply also to<BR>thanks<BR><BR>-=-=-=-=<BR>This is an ASP question I have.<BR>I want to make a comment suggestion page for a website.<BR>It has a question and 7 radio buttons links for answers.<BR>When one is selected and submit, I want to<BR>accumulate all this data into a MS access database.<BR>I guess it works with forms. but not sure.<BR><BR>This page is to be done in ASP and the setup for<BR>connecting to MS access databas for storage.<BR><BR>Can you give me some hints or a sample prototype on<BR>how this would work?<BR>-=-=-==-<BR>fireaway dudes :-)<BR>

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    That is driving you nuts, specifically? <BR>A part of the code that isn&#039;t working right? <BR>Show us what you have...And we would be glad to help you with it.<BR><BR>

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