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    Matthew Kirwan Guest

    Default Question about a home-made database search engine

    Hi,<BR><BR>I have been developing a database search engine. Intially all of the data was in one Access table but now I have split it up into two Access tables, each containing records that have a different RECORD TYPE. I have gone to using two tables because I want to relate records of different RECORD TYPES.<BR><BR>However this causes a problem when I list my results.<BR>My results are listed like this<BR><BR>RECORD TYPE RECORD NAME RADIO BUTTON<BR><BR>Row 1<BR>Row 2<BR>Row 3 <BR>up to 10 rows on a page<BR><BR>SUBMIT BUTTON<BR><BR>However now that I have two tables I am having trouble passing to the next script the different record type. The radio button allows me to pass the ID of the record of the next script, but<BR>without being able to pass the record type this information is useless. If I use hidden text fields for each row I would pass 10 values representing the record type to the next script and I wouldn&#039;t be able to tell corresponds to the id that has been passed across.<BR><BR>Could someone please help with a suggestion ?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Matthew Kirwan

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    Default Making it too hard...

    ...just hide the record type in *WITH* the Radio button id!<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Radio Name="Group1" Value="&#060;% = (recordType & "##" & buttonNumber) %&#062;" &#062;<BR><BR>Then, in the asp page, you use Split( Request("Group1"), "##" ) to get the two pieces of that value and use them as needed.<BR><BR>

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    Matthew Kirwan Guest

    Default Thanks for your help, Bill

    Bill,<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>Kind Regards,<BR><BR>Matthew

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