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    Hi, <BR><BR>I am trying to get a pure asp upload script, any pure asp upload script WORKING.<BR><BR>I am trying to get one working that some may be familiar with :<BR><BR>On the documentation page they tell you to set the path. As default in the script the path: File.SaveToDisk "C:UploadedFiles"<BR><BR>I am a bit confused by the drive specification because I am working on a hosted site. I tried just doing this:<BR>File.SaveToDisk "/upload"<BR><BR>meaning put the file in the folder &#039;upload&#039; which resides in the directory this page is working in.<BR><BR>When I do the upload I get a success message...but no file is located, not in the upload folder, not the current directory, not even the root of my account.<BR><BR>I am hoping someone else has used this script and might have an idea. thankyou<BR> <BR>

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    I dont know about thier uploader, but I know the one I use has to have the component on the server.

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