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    Heather Newbie Guest

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    Hi gang;<BR><BR>I am taking over a project that has some jscript in it, and I really am not all that well versed in how to use it. So I need your help.<BR><BR>I am need to dynamically assign a value to a variable within some jscript based upon an variable I have in an ASP page. How can I do that?<BR><BR>Current Arrangement:<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT language="JAVASCRIPT"&#062;<BR>// intNumTabs : number of tabs in the control<BR>// intCurrentTab : currently selected tab<BR>var intNumTabs = 7, intCurrentTab = 0<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR>[use ASP to connect to a database to get iNumberOfTabs]<BR><BR>Rather than assign &#039;7&#039; to intNumTabs, I would like to assign the value in iNumberOfTabs to it.<BR><BR>Can anyone help??

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    Your Professor Guest

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    Hmm.<BR><BR>What have you tried so far? Show us what you&#039;ve tried, and we&#039;ll help you through it. We can&#039;t do it for you.

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    HN Guest

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    var intNumTabs = &#060;% = iNumberOfTabs %&#062;, intCurrentTab = 0<BR><BR>Really. That simple.<BR><BR>

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    HN Guest

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    Thank you Bill.<BR><BR>I also found that on<BR><BR>You are totally right. It is easier than I thought.<BR><BR>Once again, thank you for your help.<BR><BR>Heather Newbie.

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